10th RO Batang Workshop 2015 begins

The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines is proud to bring you the “10th BATANG ROFG SUMMER WORKSHOP 2015”, an intensive FREE workshop given to children from age 5 to 18 years old.

Conceptualized and conceived by the late national artist for dance RAMON A. OBUSAN, the program aims to provide free education for young people in the cultural arts in the areas of Filipino Folkloric Dance and Music. The program pays homage to the National Artist whose vision was to preserve valuable Philippine Cultural assets in dance and music by teaching it and passing it on to young people from one generation to the next – Ramon believed that anyone with a passion and interest in the arts should have access. The yearly program provides a venue and opportunity for young Filipinos to discover, develop and refine their artistic talents and to excel under the guise of a professional folkloric dance company.

Together with the CCP Arts Education Department, the workshop is a rigorous hands-on program where students attend regular dance instruction, lecture-demonstrations, performances, as well as clinics, mentoring, and character development. Participants will have classes in folkdance, ilocano harpa, kudyapi, tanggunggo ensemble, rondalla, anklung, Cordillera percussion instruments, kulintangan ensemble, gabbang ensemble and classical guitar – with free merienda everyday for legitimate participants.

The workshop is held on Tuesday to Saturday at 8am to 4pm in ROFG CENTER. A formal recital will be on MAY 9,2015 (Saturday)


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