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The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group (ROFG) was founded in 1972, and started out as a fledgling folk dance company composed of some thirty performers. Leaning on the vast amount of data and artifacts that he has accumulated while doing research over the years, Ramon A. Obusan thought of starting a dance company that would mirror the traditional culture of the Philippines through dance and music.

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For over thirty years the ROFG has created a niche in the world of dance as forerunner of Philippine dance performed closest to its original form. The ROFG has been one of the Cultural Center of the Philippines‘ leading resident companies since 1986 and has presented over a thousand performances in the Philippines and abroad.

ROFG continues Ramon’s dedication to promoting Filipino culture by providing authenticity and excellent showmanship in its performances based on research, as well as undertaking projects that intersect Philippine folk dance, theater, music and culture. ROFG’s work provides a perspective on the unique and multi-faceted diversity of Filipino culture, challenging us, provoking and allowing us to continually understand who we are as Filipinos.


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  1. I Rolito B. Dela Torre graduated at Sapang palay national high school under the special program in the arts major in dance, I would like to be a part of your company because I want to continue my dance passion.

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