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The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group is located close to the NAIA (T1) International Airport in Pasay City, Manila within walking distance from the Main Terminal. The company is housed within a complex of restored Spanish colonial houses, reflecting Ramon’s tastes and sensibilities for classic Filipino artifacts and tradition. The unique space serves as a multi-use facility for the surrounding community, rehearsals, living quarters and recreation.

If you would like to know more about the Group, our Projects and rich insight into Traditional Philippine Dance, please contact us below to arrange a visit – we would like to hear from you.


The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group
094 Road 4, Pildera 2
Pasay City 1300
Manila, Philippines

Tel: 632-8530794

For specific questions or concerns, please contact the following:
Dulce Obusan (Special Projects, Shows and Inquiries)
Lita Obusan (Costumes, Logistics, Schedule & Rehearsals)
Adrian Obusan (Website)


Photo credits: Hermes Singson & Ramon Obusan Archives



6 responses to “Contact Us

  1. How can I contact Dulce Obusan for an inquiry regarding a lecture in University of the Philippines, Manila?

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